The Pool League will begin Sept 15th. The next pool league meeting will be on Oct. 19th at 7:30 pm at the Ecus Club. Requirements at that time are 1st half dues, team entry fees, and final rosters signed by all team players regarding the understanding of league rules & by laws.

The 2016 34th Annual Pool Leauge Outing was a success & the winners of the prizes are as follows: 50/50 Matt Kulsa Cue Sticks Amanda McGran, Cheri Gebhart, Robert Gray, Dave Rice, John Quinn, Geogeann Wellington, Jeff Sernak, Brandon Evans, Jeff Paisley, Eric Vincent. Gift Cards- Cheri Gebhart, Gary Spallone, Jim Sabatella Jr, Bob Beam, Lee Belles, Conrad Depuy, Joe Burns, Cathy, Sobolewski, Rick Wenner, Mike Gasper, Steve Marchetti, Ron Konopka, Dave Yachera, Tim Timko, Dave Reinmiller, Jim Sobolewski, Kyle Kulsa, Lenny Tunilla, Dave Vincent. Guest Winners - Arlene Bartol & Kris Baker. Congratulations to all!